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Comprehensive co-packing services and scalability at affordable costs 

​Biominerales Pharma has a CGMP license and FDAC Food Permit

CGMP Compliance

We are proud holders of a CGMP license, ensuring that our operations meet the highest standards set by the FDA for manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance.

FDAC Food Permit

Our operations are certified with an FDAC Food Permit, highlighting our commitment to adhering to strict food safety and quality regulations.

Biominerales Pharma LLC - Your Partner in Scalable Co-Packing Solutions

At Biominerales Pharma LLC (BMP), we specialize in offering comprehensive co-packing services tailored to meet the dynamic needs of businesses in the food and related industries. Our mission is to facilitate your company's growth by providing scalable solutions that eliminate the need for substantial investment in industrial infrastructure.






BMP offers CO-PACK services

Using co-packing allows you to scale to meet rising demand without needing to invest in industrial infrastructure. This infrastructure typically includes production-grade kitchen machinery, warehousing facilities, and the technical expertise and certifications necessary for operating and managing large-scale food production processes. Biominerales Pharma offers a scalable long term solution for companies looking to enter competitive markets that require quality, control and consistency. We have a hands on approach to our projects, we create SOP’s that comply with our CGMP License in order to ensure that structures and filters are in place to guarantee successful project management from the moment an order is received to the moment it ships.

​​Why Choose Us?

Scalability Without Overhead

With BMP, scale your production to meet rising demands without the burden of investing in production-grade kitchen machinery, warehousing, or technical expertise.

Location and Logistics

Strategically positioned to optimize costs, we offer direct shipping solutions in collaboration with UPS and various trucking services, ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We understand the financial challenges of scaling production and offer budget-conscious solutions without compromising on quality and control.

Supply Chain, Project Manager

Juan Carlos Jaramillo Farmer

Partnering with Biominerales Pharma LLC was a game-changer for our business. Their customized co-packing solutions and adherence to CGMP standards allowed us to scale efficiently without worrying about quality or compliance. Their flexibility and budget-friendly options were exactly what we needed to grow our brand in a competitive market.

QA, Compliance Coordinator

Jameson Stafford Winemake

As a small business, we were concerned about scaling our production. Biominerales Pharma LLC not only made it possible but did so without compromising on quality. Their attention to detail in every step, from formulation to shipping, have been crucial in our expansion journey.

PD, Sourcing Manager

Morgan Macleod

We were struggling with the financial aspects of expanding our production. Biominerales Pharma's budget-friendly co-packing solutions were a lifesaver. Their team worked closely with us to provide a service that fit our needs and budget, helping us maintain quality while scaling up.

We're confident in our work, and our experience is a great proof of that. But let it be our satisfied partners who speak of this.

​What Do Our Clients Say?

The dedicated partner you need for your growth

Biominerales Pharma

At Biominerales Pharma, we are more than just a service provider; we are your dedicated partner in growth, committed to ensuring quality, control, and consistency in every project. Let us help you navigate the competitive market landscape with our expertise and hands-on approach.

​​Our Diverse Experience

With expertise spanning across FDA food-grade products, design and printing, formulation and mixing, to packing and shipping, we are equipped to handle a vast array of co-packing needs.


​The correct management of your recipes is one of those needs, a very special need, If you’re accustomed to “tweaking” your product recipe on occasion, then the recipe itself is not scalable. Industrial mass production typically requires detailed, weighted recipes designed for production-grade kitchens. You may need to test your recipe in such a kitchen in order to eliminate any ambiguity before pursuing a co-packing partner. But we can help, with our experienced-tested approach.

​Our Approach

Customized Solutions: Understanding that each business has unique needs, we offer personalized services, including the creation of SOPs that align with our CGMP License, ensuring stringent project management from order to delivery.

Flexibility in Production: Our services are designed to cater to both large and small scale demands, offering flexibility in Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) to support businesses of all sizes."

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